Andrea Clift

Andrea Clift

BAppSc (Phys)




Andrea Clift is the principal of Edgecliff Physiotherapy.  She graduated as a physiotherapist from the Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences (now Latrobe University) in Melbourne in 1980.  After working in Warracknabeal, Melbourne, Wangaratta and London she arrived in Sydney and joined Edgecliff Physiotherapy in 1991.  With over 40 years of healthcare experience, Andrea is an expert in treating and educating those with spinal pain conditions, breathing pattern disorders and persistent pain states. She is a collaborative author of two papers on diagnosis and therapeutic care in spinal pain in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

Her treatments are holistic and incorporate manual therapy, acupuncture and the movement therapies of Feldenkrais, Yoga, Tai Chi and of course Key Moves® which is the flagship of Edgecliff Physiotherapy’s therapeutic movement classes.

In addition, Andrea is a certified breathing instructor in the BradCliff Breathing Method® incorporating the use of the CapnoTrainer®. This specialisation provides therapy for people not only with lung dysfunction or disease but also those with Hyperventilation Syndrome, anxiety disorders and panic attacks as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts who wish to improve their performance.

Andrea can help you join the dots in understanding your particular movement or pain problem. She has the ability to make the complex simple and will make you feel as enthusiastic about your recovery as she is.

So, whether it’s back pain, a sports injury, postural concerns, mobility or balance worries, young or old, fit or not, you will discover that movement knows no boundaries and has unexplored potential in everyone.

Andrea has now hung up the hockey stick and keeps fit and sane by bushwalking and forest bathing! She is a sports tragic and one-eyed Geelong Football Club supporter (but not in an aggressive way).