Better health begins here

Better health begins here

Experience treatment from Sydney’s most trusted team of physiotherapists.


Movement is medicine

Edgecliff Physiotherapy is a dynamic team of experienced practitioners committed to helping our clients resolve their presenting health concerns through holistic hands-on treatment complemented by exercise prescription and re-education of movement patterns. We view your body as an integrated whole, that’s why we’ve developed a treatment model that acknowledges how the vital systems within us integrate and influence each other.


Not only do we aim to reduce immediate pain or discomfort, our goal is to improve your overall wellbeing through a combination of manual and movement therapies that allow you to explore your fuller potential. The majority of our clients are recommended to participate in our proven Key Moves® therapeutic exercise programme for their rehabilitation and ongoing development.


The Key Approach Model, developed by Josephine Key and colleagues, explains the link between pain syndromes and movement dysfunctions of the spine and limb girdles. Spinal movement dysfunction is corrected by modifying movement behaviour in order to address the symptom/s the dysfunction has caused. We ‘train the brain to fix the pain’.


The Key Approach is a practical clinical model which adopts an integrated systems approach. This involves a consideration of the interdependence of all the body’s systems, but in particular – neural, myo-fascial, and skeletal functioning.


Client-centred care is at the heart of everything we do. In a professional and compassionate manner, we meet our clients wherever they are on their healing journey and support and guide them towards optimal health and wellbeing. Better health begins here.


Therapeutic movement classes

If you have back pain, persistent ‘injuries', are constantly run down, or feel tight and stiff chances are the way you move is part of the problem. Learn and practise basic patterns of control in the spine, pelvis and shoulders necessary for a healthy and robust musculoskeletal system.


An Experienced Perspective

Our Support Staff

Problems we treat

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes take many forms. Here are some of the problems we can help with:

Back and neck pain, tension, and stiffness – acute and chronic

Headaches and facial pain including jaw problems

Neck related dizziness and BPPV

Shoulder pain and rotator cuff-related injuries, ‘frozen shoulder’

Arm symptoms e.g. tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, numbness, RSI

Chest pain and tightness, breathing problems, lung conditions e.g. asthma, bronchitis

Breathing pattern disorders, hyperventilation syndrome, chronic cough, breathing-related anxiety and phobias, panic attacks


Pregnancy related pain disorders, pelvic floor weakness

Pelvic girdle problems including sacroiliac pain, incontinence

Hip and buttock pain and stiffness

Knee pain conditions e.g. patello-femoral pain, including sports related

Leg symptoms e.g. hamstring pain, shin splints, groin pain

Foot and ankle problems e.g. plantar fasciitis

‘Overuse syndromes’ such as tendinopathies

Help with acute problems such as whiplash associated disorder (WAD), ankle sprain, and wry neck

Arthritis and spondylosis

Rehabilitation after fractures, trauma and surgery including joint replacement

Sports injuries

Therapies available

We are skilled in an extensive range of therapies. These include:

Mobilisation and manipulation (where required) of spinal and peripheral joins and soft tissues

Local soft tissues and myofascial release, trigger point-therapy

HawkGrips (instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation)

Muscle Energy Technique and Post Isometric Relaxation technique

Shockwave therapy

Cold laser therapy


Dry needling and intramuscular stimulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine (for fertility, constitutional deficiencies etc.)

Craniosacral therapy

Breathing therapy including Capnotrainer® assistance

Taping therapy for support and/or retraining

Therapeutic exercise prescription including instruction in appropriate core control

Postural and movement evaluations with instruction in specific exercise and stretching protocols appropriate to your particular problem

Motor control relearning programmes – best delivered in our Key Moves ® classes

Cycling-specific assessment and bike fit

Running assessment